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Welcome to the Working Dogs Group! This community is dedicated to dogs primarily developed for aiding humans in some way, shape, or form, be it guarding, carting, droving, service dogs, herding, alerting, sledding, vermin control, or any of the other noble lines of work. Please note that the community is also for promoting a breed for its original intended purpose and NOT for show purposes. If you're in it for the show ring, please check out showdogs. We're also here for discussing canine sports focusing around work such as Schutzhund, weight pulling trials, herding trials, the Iditarod, the Iron Dog Pentathlon, the Bundessieger, and so on.

Especially welcome information: Dates of any working dog trials, trainers that specialize in the working dog sports, protection trainers, protection training, breeders that focus on breeding for working ability and not simply for show, and information on working breeds not common or even not present outside their home countries.

*For the sake of this community, the herding group also will fall into the working group category! Terriers will also fall into this category, as airedales have been used as military dogs and the bull-and-terrier breeds are definitely working dogs (pit bulls, bull terriers, etc) and then you have the actual earth dogs such as a parson russel terrier and border terrier!

breedists_no is another great community dealing with working-type dogs, mostly those that are victims of breed legislation and discrimination.
germanshepherds is the official Livejournal community for the German shepherd dog!
thedogcommunity is a great place for all things dog. The best general dog community I've seen on here yet!
schutzhund is the Livejournal Schutzhund group.

This group is unmoderated, and to keep it that way here are the rules, subject to change:

-NO community promotions that have little or nothing to do with working/herding dogs (so if you created a community for molosser breeds, you can promote it here! For toy poodles, definitely not here!)
-Please stay on-topic when making a post. Anything to do with working/herding dogs and the german shepherd breed goes such as breeding questions, veterinary questions, "my kuvasz just got her UTX title" posts, etc. Note that comments are free to diverge where they will :)
-No defamatory posts, etc. Keep it civil!
-No breed bashing! We all have our likes and dislikes in the dog world, and all breeds serve their intended purpose very well or else they would have never become a breed.
-Pictures are totally, completely WELCOME! If they are large (over 100k filesize) please put them behind the lj-cut tags. There are still people out there suffering on dialup!
-No conformation/bench showing promotions unless it's for a breed that has not diverged its show/working lines (next-to-impossible to find in this country!)