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schutzhund puppy?

About a week ago, I brought home a GSD puppy. She is from german working lines. Her sire is VA Gusto vom Mittelwest SchH3. I am considering training her in schutzhund. Is there anything I should or should not be doing in this early puppy phase? She will be 9 weeks old tomorrow.

If I do train her for schutzhund, does that mean she needs to be more of a "kennel dog" and less of a "family dog"?

Any information would be appreciated.

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If not, MODS please feel free to delete.

I created a new community dedicated to playing frisbee with your k9 companion. 
All are welcome from casual player to pro. Even if you are just curious about it, and would like to learn more. 

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Puppy Health Questions

I just brought home my GSD puppy, Brynja, on Saturday. She is my fourth GSD, and I got all of them as puppies. I took her to the vet on Monday, and yesterday morning I found out that she does not have worms "yay," but she does have giardia and coccidia. I have never had to deal with either of those. I know it is not uncommon for puppies to have one or both of those, but it is new to me. Have any of you had a puppy with giardia, coccidia or both? If so, any tips on how to deal with keeping your other dogs from getting them and your kids or other human family members from getting the giardia?

We started her on antibiotics for the coccidia, and yesterday she got her first of five doses of Panacur for the giardia.

She has a lot of energy and seems to be dealing with all of it just fine. She isn't eating quite as much as I would like, but she is adjusting from having food down all the time at the breeders to being on a feeding schedule here.

I couldn't resist posting a pic.

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Beef 'n More

Have any of you fed your dogs Beef 'n More dry dog food?  It is a Merrick product.  I am thinking of switching my dogs from Iams (yes I know Iams is evil...Iams sucks...blah blah blah) Lamb & Rice to Merrick's Beef 'n More.  Any thoughts?  

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She's gone...

Hello all, not to be a bummer on Christmas eve, but I wanted to let everyone here know about my fluffy girl. We had to let her go on Saturday. The tumor in her thoat was making her very uncomfortable. I don't think she was resting well. She always looked tired, and she was very restless. We're pretty sure it was slowly strangling her. Her breathing was really rough, and she was panting often.

She surprised everyone though. She was diagnosed back in May, and usually dogs with that cancer don't last longer than a couple months after diagnosis. I think her will was so strong that she would've kept on going till she wasted away, and couldn't breathe any more.

A word of warning, if your dog's bark starts to sound hoarse, get it checked out! If we had, we might have caught it early enough to do something.

She was over 13 years old. She was a great dog. One of the best. I was lucky, I had a job she got to come to work with me for 4 years.

She was still catching frisbees this time last year, & this picture is from this past summer. She looked so good. If it wasn't for the cancer, she might have had another 3 years left. :(
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