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A dobe rescue in need of help...

This made me really sad. I couldn't donate much, but I did an auction on ebay and donated a portion of the proceeds to this shelter.
If you can help at all, or know anyone who may be willing to donate even a couple dollars, please spread the word.

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From: pamela gray

A few weeks ago, we rescued a litter of Albino's from a sub human in Hialeah. The lady who bred the litter called to say one of the puppy's had died that morning, she had no money to go to the vet or transport the puppy's to the vet. I heard a baby crying in the back ground. When I got there, I thought I walked in to a chamber of horrors. There were three crates with five puppy's. They were 8 mths old and walking skeletons. Two of them were literally near death and there was feces and blood all over the place, no pans at the bottom of the crates and it was a mess. I had one of our volunteers with me who had never done this type of rescue and almost couldn't hold his temper or stomache down.

We got all of them loaded in the SUV and that transport has destroyed my interior because it was a mass Parvo situation, which we've never dealt with in our rescue. Two of those pups were so far gone by the time I got to the vet, we did the most humane thing and euthanised in the back of the SUV in the Vet's parking lot. We still have the remaining three and they are and will be fine, however, the vet bill from this is huge. I cannot say we wouldn't do this again but don't know any rescuer who would have just walked away and leave the situation.

Our vet is working with us on the bill for the three survivors, in addition to their 7 day quaranteed at the vet and a 30 day hold here, they're going to need full vetting, s/n, shots, etc. Our adoption fees are $350 for puppy's, and our bill is going to probably end up between $2000-$2500 if there are no further compliations. This is not something we planned for or can we really afford. We did get some private donations, and are still short to pay the full bill. We are hopeful some more donations will come in.

Anyone wishing to donate can either use PayPal: or by mail: P.O. Box 901616, Homestead, FL 33090. I'm attaching some pic's of the Albino's from the Home, at the Vet, and from last week.


Redland Rescue


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