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So, we now have 4 dogs at our house! Jelly Bean and Monty are our's (Nolan's and mine); Luke is still with us, the foster dog from Dakota Dachshund Rescue; and we are "temporarily" fostering Scooby, a 10 month old miniature dachshund. He is so much fun! I really want to keep him, or at least continue to foster him until he goes to his forever home. He is so loving, energetic, playful, and sociable! I know Nolan loves him to death, too, but not sure how he feels about keeping him around for a while. I bet if I offered to feed them every day (in the mornings and most of the nights, unless I'm not home and he is home), he'd be cool with it! :)

Also, for those of you in the SIOUX FALLS, SD AREA:

A FOSTER DOG FROM DAKOTA DACHSHUND RESCUE WAS LOST LAST NIGHT AROUND 8:30 PM! Below is the flier with his picture and other information. His name is RHETT and he is a LONG-HAIRED BLACK AND TAN DACHSHUND.  I guess he came from a puppy mill and is still a bit scared of strangers. However, there is a phone number to call if you see him or are even able to get ahold of him. PLEASE HELP!!!

Lost Dachshund



Please help find Rhett!
Rhett escaped from the fenced-in yard of his short term foster home. He was last seen in an open field south of S. Stockwell Circle which is in a new housing subdivision s
outh of 57th, between Cliff Ave

and Southeastern in Sioux Falls, SD.

Rhett was a breeder dog from a Nebraska puppymill that is now in foster care

   with Dakota Dachshund Rescue so may be very scared, but is a sweetheart. He is wearing a new yellow and blue collar. Please call Diane if you find Rhett or spot him: 605-310-8443.
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Not that I don't sympathize with your plight, I do.. However a local SD community would be more appropriate for this post.

How many community members here do you really think live in that area? 20pt font is also not necessary -- it will not make us look harder for a dog lost 2000 miles away.
I apologize for annoying you. I just copied and pasted the poster information into the LJ post. I am doing what I can for this organization and this lost puppymill dog as I would hope others would do for me if one of my dogs or foster dogs got lost.

If you are the community's manager or whatever and want me to delete this, I will. I'll go ahead and put it behind a LJ cut so as not to annoy anyone else who doesn't live near SD.

I posted to all the communities I belong to. I apologize for your inconvenience. However, as I read your comment, it seemed a little rude in its wording. I hope that it wasn't meant that way as I know words written down can be taken out of context easily as there is no syntax.

Sometimes networking with people far away leads to closer networks - perhaps someone in this community is from SD and could talk with friends and family members.

Anyway, I'll put it behind a cut, but most people don't read those, at least those that I know and I wanted to get the word out.