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So, we now have 4 dogs at our house! Jelly Bean and Monty are our's (Nolan's and mine); Luke is still with us, the foster dog from Dakota Dachshund Rescue; and we are "temporarily" fostering Scooby, a 10 month old miniature dachshund. He is so much fun! I really want to keep him, or at least continue to foster him until he goes to his forever home. He is so loving, energetic, playful, and sociable! I know Nolan loves him to death, too, but not sure how he feels about keeping him around for a while. I bet if I offered to feed them every day (in the mornings and most of the nights, unless I'm not home and he is home), he'd be cool with it! :)

Also, for those of you in the SIOUX FALLS, SD AREA:

A FOSTER DOG FROM DAKOTA DACHSHUND RESCUE WAS LOST LAST NIGHT AROUND 8:30 PM! Below is the flier with his picture and other information. His name is RHETT and he is a LONG-HAIRED BLACK AND TAN DACHSHUND.  I guess he came from a puppy mill and is still a bit scared of strangers. However, there is a phone number to call if you see him or are even able to get ahold of him. PLEASE HELP!!!

Lost Dachshund



Please help find Rhett!
Rhett escaped from the fenced-in yard of his short term foster home. He was last seen in an open field south of S. Stockwell Circle which is in a new housing subdivision s
outh of 57th, between Cliff Ave

and Southeastern in Sioux Falls, SD.

Rhett was a breeder dog from a Nebraska puppymill that is now in foster care

   with Dakota Dachshund Rescue so may be very scared, but is a sweetheart. He is wearing a new yellow and blue collar. Please call Diane if you find Rhett or spot him: 605-310-8443.
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