Alanna Johan (alannajohan) wrote in workingdogs,
Alanna Johan

A Bad Summary of August

Not much to say here really, just wanted an excuse to post some photos uploaded from the last month that I've yet to do anything with, and thought I'd also give a quick update on Miss Maya, who had her spaying op. about two weeks ago. She has recovered very well; in fact her stitches are now out having healed rather nicely (though her coat is already starting to blow - damn hormonal fluctuations). She is, however, suffering from cabin fever and simply cannot comprehend why she has to be all boring and lazy; I cannot wait to get her back out on the rig with El CapiStan, who is very much missing his working partner.

And so on

Stan Relaxing

Maya Asleeping


And an apt demonstration that trying to take a picture of me on the rig, working the dogs, in the dark, from behind, is generally uncomplimentary and of definite low quality for all involved.

Yes, I really need to get practicing with them action photography skills, don't I? Haha!

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