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Puppy Health Questions

I just brought home my GSD puppy, Brynja, on Saturday. She is my fourth GSD, and I got all of them as puppies. I took her to the vet on Monday, and yesterday morning I found out that she does not have worms "yay," but she does have giardia and coccidia. I have never had to deal with either of those. I know it is not uncommon for puppies to have one or both of those, but it is new to me. Have any of you had a puppy with giardia, coccidia or both? If so, any tips on how to deal with keeping your other dogs from getting them and your kids or other human family members from getting the giardia?

We started her on antibiotics for the coccidia, and yesterday she got her first of five doses of Panacur for the giardia.

She has a lot of energy and seems to be dealing with all of it just fine. She isn't eating quite as much as I would like, but she is adjusting from having food down all the time at the breeders to being on a feeding schedule here.

I couldn't resist posting a pic.

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